Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Hearing Test Results

Another thing I did yesterday was go have my hearing checked. I've wondered for some time now if I'm half deaf or not. If you seem to have a hard time hearing some days how can you tell what's what unless you get it tested? I know I tend to talk loudly and I know that hearing impaired people talk loudly, then my mother said my one sister had asked her if I'm hard of hearing because I talk loud. If I'm in a room with other people I often have a hard time making out what is being said by the person I'm talking to. So there were many little things that made me wonder, made me want to find out for sure.

So having gotten my doctor to set up an appointment, I went yesterday and found out that my ears are just fine. There is nothing wrong with them at all. He said that it's not unusual for people with normal hearing to have trouble isolating sounds where there are several sounds in the same area, like me making out what's being said.

I've wondered in the past if the reason, or part of it, that I speak so loudly is because I've so often felt that people aren't really listening to me, not really hearing me. I think this very well could be the thing behind it. So, if I'm talking to you and you feel I am talking too loud... if you actually pay attention to me when I talk to you and actually listen to what I'm saying then maybe you'll find I talk lower than I do othterwise. Hear that family members? Of course not, you don't read my blog.

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