Monday, September 24, 2007

Gastroscopy results

I got the results of my gastroscopy yesterday.

A gastroscopy is the test I had on September 5, where Dr. Chai put a tiny camera down my throat to get a look at my esophagus, stomach and upper part of the small intestine. Why? To try to find out why I have been experiencing bad acid reflux problems. He also took tiny snips of these areas to test for cancer. He also ordered ultra sound tests done on my abdomen and I had those done back in July or early August (forget exactly, haha).

The results are that I don't have "the big C", and there is no obvious reason why I have the acid reflux. I was hoping there'd be some minor and easy to fix problem that showed up. My GP, Dr. Philp had some other tests done before he sent me to Dr. Chai, like a Barium Xray that also showed nothing. So we don't know what the problem is. I tried 2 kinds of meds that Dr. P. prescribed and neither one worked for me. Dr. C. prescribed a different one, but when I went to the pharmacy to get it filled I found that my medical coverage doesn't cover that kind, so now Dr. C. has to fill out forms and send them in to get then to cover these meds. He wants me on them for 2 months ($250 worth of drugs) to see if they work for me or not. If they do I may have to be on them indefinitely, we'll see. I hope we can find something that works soon so I can be without that pain as well as so I can put my bed back down where it belongs. I've been having to sleep with the head of the bed 6" higher than the foot, so I wake up several times a night, all crunched up at the foot. Good thing there's a foot board on my bed that stops me from falling off the end of the bed and onto the dog.

One thing the ultra sound did show is that I have a fatty liver, apparently even slim people can have fat of their liver, lol. Anyway, he asked if I have diabetes or high cholesterol. I told him no, not that I know of. So now I have to have fasting blood tests to confirm this. Not that either would be the cause of the acid reflux, but I guess the fatty liver can be an indication of these diseases.

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