Friday, January 25, 2013

Music and Meditation

My dear friend, Chris Madsen has his own music studio in his home as he is a musician, and a writer of his own songs which he records.  Chris has several great CDs out.  I really love listening to him play his guitar.  He recently decided he wanted to have a Sanctuary in his home, a place for our Spiritual Group to go to meditate, a quiet place specifically dedicated.  He decided to make move all of his musical equipment and recording equipment down to a room in his basement and make his Music Studio into our Sanctuary.  He moved his classic Vox Amps, guitars, drums, all his various other instruments and recording equipment down the stairs into his new Music Room that he had created for this purpose.  He then set up a wonderful space with lots of electric candles, many cushions of all sizes for sitting on and leaning against, and one of his guitars so he can play us into and/or out of meditations.  It is so awesome!!!

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