Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hang My TV

Today I saw a term on the internet that I didn't know the meaning of.  It said, "flat mounts for your home".

"What in the world is that?" was my response.  "Is it something for setting up a mobile home, or for leveling an RV?"

Now, I don't always feel the need to find the meaning of every word or phrase or term I see or hear, but there are days I do feel that need.  I guess this was one of those days, because I decided to check it out.  It turns out that I am glad I did as it is something I actually have been wanting to learn more about.  I have a 51" flat screen TV that I have sitting on a small table, taking up room in my over stuffed living room, so I have been thinking I would like to get, or at least look into getting, one of those things you use to hang the TV on the wall.  Well, this is one of those things.  Now I know, now I get to learn more about how to do it, what to use, and what it all will cost me. Good thing I followed my instincts to check this out.

I am grateful for the internet and for the information I find on here.
I am grateful I am learning to follow my instincts.

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