Monday, January 28, 2013

Green Stevia

The only sweetener I use is Green Stevia!! 

Green Stevia, or Eupatorium rebaudianum, is a leafy plant native to Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela. Since its use by the Guarani Indians in this region began 1,500 years ago, Green Stevia has been used as a medicinal herb in many parts of the world.

Made from the leaves of the plant simply by drying and crushing them, this powder (10-15 times sweeter than sugar) is the only sweetener that is alkaline building, all others are acid building. Green Stevia is 0 Calories and is 0 on the Glycemic Index, so it is good for Diabetics and people wanting to loose weight. Also, it has many good health benefits, including but not limited to: balancing blood sugars; promoting good oral hygiene; etc. etc. I used use the green powder in my tea and have now read/tried/use a different method which is even better. Boil water, put 1 TBSP or so into a cup and fill it with boiling water, let it steep until it's cooled right down (I usually leave it a few hours) then strain it to separate the liquid from the now wet powder. I use the Stevia Water in my tea and have even been using it in water to make it more palatable (I never have liked water much)... hot or cold water becomes much nicer to drink like this, even add a bit of lemon to it. So now... the 'sludge' left over, the wet powder. I read that it helps to heal minor sores and somewhere else that it's good to use on your face followed by coconut oil which I like to use anyway. Awhile ago I had a terrible rash on my chest and I still have some sores left from it, and scars. Tonight I put what I think of as Stevia Sludge on my chest and my face and left it there while I watched some TV, then went and washed it off with a nice hot cloth. I then put coconut oil on both face and chest. It really is amazing just how good this whole treatment was. There was a tingling feeling and I swear I could feel my skin tightening up, felt 'weird' but good, then the coconut oil moisturized my skin and felt great!! I will sleep tonight with a towel on my pillow to protect the pillow case from the oil that will rub off my skin, but that's okay. I plan to make this a regular part of my skin care routine. I don't use the store bought skin care stuff anymore since I came to understand that those products are not natural and likely not good for us. Our skin absorbs all the chemicals and such that we put on it, and those are just toxic!!

I used to use the white Stevia powder that they sell in health food stores as well as must grocery stores now days.... then I learned the truth. White Stevia powder is just as unhealthy for us as all these chemical artificial sweeteners!!! I can't understand how health food stores can sell that, making us believe it's healthy when it's crap!! How do you take something Green and make it White??? Think about it!! The only NATURAL, whole foods, healthy way to use Stevia is using it Green. The plant grows, the leaves are picked, dried ground into powder.... that's all, period!!

And since Green Stevia is natural it does not have the bitter after taste that many of the white stevia powders do. That comes from the processing, from the chemicals and fillers used.  No chemicals or fillers in the Green Stevia Powder!!

If it's not GREEN, it's not NATURAL!! 

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