Friday, December 07, 2012


On December 3rd, after writing my last post, Trumpeter Swans, I sent an email to the Editor of the Okanagan Advertiser, the newspaper serving the Enderby/Armstrong area of British Columbia.  I told him/her that the birds in the photo published in their November 28th paper were Trumpeter Swans, not white geese as had been stated in the caption to the photo.  I also included a link to my blog post which provides information on the swans, photos I took of the swans feeding in the field, photos/diagrams from the internet, and links to Hinterland Who's Who web site so s/he too would be able to read the information on the Trumpeter Swans and the Snow Geese.  I expected the Editor would email me back to at least acknowledge that my email had been received and read, maybe even to thank me for taking the time and caring enough to send them this information.  Sadly, there was no such email, no such acknowledgement from the news paper that says they want feedback from the readers.

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