Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Is Coming

Here we are with Christmas behind us once again.... until next year. And with Christmas over, we are about to cross from 2012 to 2013 with nothing but the barest moment between them.  One second it is this year and the next second it is that. Such a smooth transition that you can't not even feel it.... not even if you try. The slip of a second.... like the blink of an eye.  Yes, the year is so close to over and the new year will begin.  Having come from a time in the 1900s this 2013 seems most strange.  Most odd that we would be here and I only barely past the middle of the years I likely will spend here.  Yet, here I sit reminiscing and 'waxing poetic' while friends are out having a good time celebrating the last Saturday night of 2012.  I hope all have a good time wherever they are and wherever they may live... I just hope that by morning none of them need the services of a top San Diego law firm, not to mention of a hospital or morgue.  I wish people all over the globe Peace, Love, Perfect Health, Prosperity and all in all, Joy.

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