Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sister's Travels

I am so glad I asked my sister Marcy to include me on her mailing list where she sends information on what her and husband Randy have been doing and experiencing on their holiday.  She writes a short description of the towns and cities they visit, and of the old mansions or plantations they go see.  They left home in August, driving their truck and pulling the RV trailer behind them.  They crossed Canada and are now down in the US.  Each email she sends also includes several photos of what they see along the way.  Photos of city streets, of plantation houses including slave quarters, of trees, water, gardens, etc. I don't know if they saw any swing sets raleigh nc, but I know they saw and enjoyed many other things in NC, SC, and several other states.  I sure wish I could go along.  I am  happy for them as I know they are having an awesome time.

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