Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Heart is Singing a Song of Joy

My home is such a mess and I found out yesterday I am getting company for the weekend. A very dear, long time friend is coming to visit.  I am so blessed that he comes to see, not my home, yet I so want him to see this place clean and tidy for once, not the horrid mess it has become.  His home is always clean and fairly much organized.

I am still very weak from being so sick the last while, and still have the Sinusitis & Bronchitis, though am starting to improve.  I saw my doctor yesterday and he can hear noise in my left lung so sent me to have chest x-rays done today.  I have another 5 days on the antibiotics and sure hope all is well by then as I don't want to have a second round of these drugs.

I am so tired after 2 busy days on top of the illness, all I want to do is go to sleep, yet I know I can't yet.  I have dishes soaking in the sink and a load of laundry washing which I will have to hang up as my dryer is not working. I have so much work to do before Mark gets here tomorrow and I know that there is no way I can do everything I want to have done.

Meanwhile, my cat, Mewsic, is trying to get me to let her curl up on my chest, to just hold her and love her while she naps.... and one of my birds, my male cockatiel, Tiki, has been making a lot of noise.  All my birds are usually quiet or make low volume sounds, but occasionally the 'tiel does make loud noise.  Oh well, he's not as bad as a couple male 'tiels I used to have.  They sounded like they were using those mackie loudspeakers that some of my musician friends use. When a musician turns up the loudspeaker to better share his/her music with an audience it sounds great, you can dance and enjoy the music to the fullest. However, when a bird squawks that loud in a small, enclosed area it is not nearly as nice. I know if I took Tiki and his buddy Friday the Parrotlet out of the cage to play on me they would be happy and quiet right down, though at this moment I just don't have to time or energy to play with any of my wonderful animals.

Guess I will get to bed early tonight and get a good sleep, then up early tomorrow morning, crank the stereo up and listen to some good, energizing music while I work at cleaning this house.... until I get the call from Mark that he's on his way over.  He lives in the Kootenay area of BC, I live in the Okanagan Valley, so it's a few hours drive to get here.  Tonight he is at his daughter's home in town, just minutes from my home. I'm excited to see him tomorrow, as I always am. My Heart is Singing a Song of Joy

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