Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dare to Dream BIG!!

The last several days I've been staying home.  This is very unusual for me as I am most often everywhere but home. All summer long I am away every day and sometimes for days at a time, off riding my trike somewhere.  I totally love riding my trike (3 wheel motorcycle).  Now that the weather is too cold to ride, I am again driving my truck, which I also love.  However, oddly enough I am going through some kind of phase where I don't have any desire to go anywhere, I just want to stay home.  Mostly I sit in my chair watching TV and doing 'stuff' on my computer.  I play way too much Spider Solitaire and MahJong, as well as spend time on Facebook.  I also surf the net, reading recipes, health related articles, inspirational things, and various other web sites.  Some of the various other web sites are things of interest to my current life, and some are all about dreaming about my hopefully future life.  Some examples are looking at kitchens, cupboards or appliances; today, even though I don't have a basement in this home, I looked at flooring for basements;  I often look at web sites to do with trikes as I would love to upgrade mine or to get a new one built; and I plan to go to Arizona and/or New Mexico one day, during winter months.  My mother calls me a dreamer like it is a bad thing, yet I believe that you must dream in order to do anything important in life. My current trike was just a dream for many years before it became a reality, as was my 2008 Ford Ranger pick up truck. I say, Dare to Dream BIG!!

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