Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Learning New Things

As you will know, if you read my blogs very much, I often read things on the internet to learn different things, to learn about things I have no knowledge about.  This can be a good thing to do as there are times when this kind of knowledge can come in handy.  I just follow various links to get me to this kind 'new information'.  Some of it I find very interesting and get right into reading the information, and other things I tend to just skip through as it's not something that piques my interest.  I was just reading to see what a sieve shaker is. I know that many people will find this kind of thing not only interesting, but also very useful to them and/or their business.  However, I don't see any use for this equipment in my life at this current time. Hmmmm... I wonder what I'll find to read about next.  Any day I learn something new it's a good day.

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