Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Furniture I Want

I spend a fair bit of time in my big old armchair, watching TV, doing things on my laptop computer and online, and of course cuddling with me cat, Mewsic.  This really is the only furniture I have to sit on in my living room right now.  Oh, I do have a love seat, but it has a bunch of 'stuff' on it right now and it is pretty ripped up, thanks to Mewsic.  She has a nice big scratching post, but still prefers to rip up my furniture.  I would like to get some nice new furniture, but if I do I will have to get leather or Naugahyde as Mewsic will rip apart any kind of fabric furniture yet doesn't like the leather/Naugahyde type material.  I want a couch or a couple of love seats, maybe a couple of bean bag chairs, and a new electric massaging, heated recliner to replace this old one I have now.  The day will come when I do get some of this new furniture.

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