Friday, August 03, 2012

Just Thinking

With all the traveling I've been doing lately and all the events I've been going to, I meet a lot of new people. Though some of them I feel I was only meant to see and talk to for a short time, there are some I want to keep in touch with. Also, some of the I want to give information on All Canadian Riders Club (ACRC), or the Brothers of the Third Wheel (BTW) organization of trikers.  I remember a few ties when I have given out Hammer's phone number to people who want information about the ACRC.  Sometimes I think it would be a good thing to have business cards that I can give out, after all, business cards are not just for those working or running their own business.  I was looking on the net and saw some really interesting plastic printed cards that would be great for this kind of thing.  I think they would look nice, stand out among paper cards, not be harmed by water so far as I know and would, just like me, be just a bit "different", lol. This weekend I am off with friends from the ACRC to go camping and take in a big Jazz Festival.  I wonder how many people I will meet there that would like to have one of my business cards.

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