Friday, August 24, 2012

Arts and/or Crafts

Over the years of my life, I've done many different crafty/artsy things.  There are so many things I've wanted to try doing and have taught myself many of them.  When I was into Ceramics, I gave lots of it as gifts and I kept several pieces for myself. I still have most of those pieces I kept. I taught myself how to crochet, again lots of gifts and lots of things for my home, and yes, I still have most of them. I also have a bag full  of beaded jewelry which I made in various styles, using little seed beads for all of it. I used to always be wearing bead bracelets on each arm, necklace, earrings, hair clips/wraps, 'Medicine Bag', etc. and usually I never wore the same ones two days in a row, or even 2 days in a week for that matter.  I had lots of them by the time I finally lost interest and went on to the next thing... and there were many.

In more recent years, I have not done as many arts/crafts as I once did.  In fact, I think the last thing was spinning wool, yes with a spinning wheel, including taking the raw wool and preparing it for the spinning. A lot of work, a labor of love for me.  The weaving I did sometimes used my hand spun wool, or sometimes other types of threads I purchased for the piece I was working on just then... these included scarves, table runners, a poncho, etc. etc.  After an upsetting event, I no longer had interest in these things so, though I still have all of my equipment for this work, they have just been collecting dust while I hope that someday I will again 'get the bug' and go back to doing this sort of thing.

Now.... I am working with aluminum!!! A friend is teaching my his 'skill' of turning ugly pieces of aluminum into beautiful, shiny things for my trike!!! I will be happy to share more of this with you soon... and to show some photos too.

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