Friday, July 06, 2012


I was riding home from a nearby town last night and suddenly there was a loud and nasty noise coming from underneath me on my trike.  I immediately pulled over and stopped, looked down and saw I had no drive shaft.  I looked down the road and saw my drive shaft laying in 2 pieces on the highway.  I ran down the road and picked up the pieces before any cars could come along and run over them. As the night came on darker and darker I called friends one after another getting no answers.  Well, okay, Tug answered and would have gladly come out to see if he could help, but he is pretty much blind after dark so can't possibly drive at that hour, and DJ & Rolland wanted to help but their truck and trailer are not insured.  Finally, after many many people drove by me, a pick-up truck pulling a trailer with a boat on it came along and stopped to ask if they could help.  We talked a bit then Wide Load & Katt said they would take the boat home then come back for me. Wide Load gave me a reflective vest so people could see me and off they went.  About 40 minutes later Kelly stopped, he was riding his motorcycle from Quesnel to visit  friend in Kelowna and stopped to see if all was okay.  He kept me company until Wide Load & Katt returned about 5 minutes later. Their trailer is not wide enough to carry my trike, so the 2 guys lifted the front wheel and I pushed from behind, putting the front wheel onto the trailer where it was tired securely and the back wheels rolled along behind.  This is not exactly a legal way to move it, but hey, when you are broken down on the highway with no way to get you and your motorcycle home you do what you have to do.  We both got home safe and sound.  I will see Wide Load & Katt again and I'm sure will ride with them, since they both ride motorcycles too.

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