Saturday, July 21, 2012

Brothers of the Third Wheel - Trike-in 2012

Today I had a fabulous day!! I got up early and headed out on my trike. This is a very big weekend for motorcycles and trikes in our area: Sturgis North in Vernon, Summer Stomp near Salmon Arm, and Brothers of the Third Wheel at Sicamous, as well as motorcycle Burn Outs in Sicamous. A few other towns in the area also held some events in hopes of pulling in the 'biker' dollars.

So.... where did I go?? I went to Brothers of the Third Wheel to take part in 'our' annual Trike-in.  I actually did not know where in Sicamous it was being held this year, knowing only that it was not at the same location as previous years and not far from that location.  Since there was a lot of rain last year it was decided to go to a Bed & Breakfast this year instead of camping.  So I rode out to Sicamous "knowing" that I would find the place or someone who knew where it was.  When I didn't, I thought "oh well, it was a great ride anyway... I'm going to Timmie's for tea".  On my way in, I met up with Al and his wife, from Lone Wolves, another motorcycle riding club I belong to.  No sooner did I sit down with my extra large Pomegranate White tea, and I see Jerry & Elaine drive through the Drive Thru in their Trihawk (3 wheeled car). I watched out the window to see what direction they were headed in, saw them go left, then turn into ESSO gas station.  I grabbed my tea (thankfully  in a to go cup), said goodbye to Al & his wife (sadly I can't remember her name now), and headed out the door.  I stuck my tea into the back of my trike, put my helmet on and off I went.... slowly in hopes of not spilling too much tea.

I pulled up right in front of the Trihawk and stopped, lol. Elaine & Jerry were happy to see me and I followed them back to the B&B, Owls Head B&B a fair ways up a mountain.  Everyone that was there was glad to see me and I received a very nice welcome!!

Shortly after I arrived, about 30 minutes, we headed out on the Poker Run.  I was not happy that it was to Vernon... just where I had ridden from, but oh well, this was a 'Family' ride instead of being alone.  We all drew a card before we left, then stopped in Grindrod at the Music Festival to draw another. This took longer than I had thought it would as people sat around awhile.  Once under way again, with me as the leader of the pack since I live in the area, we stopped in Enderby to show my Mom all the different trikes.  Headed out again, about half way between Enderby and Armstrong, we were pulled over by police. There were 7 trikes and one car (a couple from Edmonton Alberta and he is unable to ride his trike just now due to a problem with his leg, so they came in their car) though the police did not mean to pull over any cars, they were just pulling over bikes and trikes.  We were all checked for Class 6 license (motorcycle), DOT helmets and had we been drinking.  Apparently many riders closer to Sturgis North and the Summer Stomp also had their saddle bags and such all searched.  It was definite discrimination against motorcycle riders!!

Back on the road we rode to Armstrong where we met up with Kevin & his wife (I so wish I could remember everyone's names).  Their trike wouldn't start so we had sadly left them behind.  After doing some work on it, it started and they caught up and passed us while we were being detained by police.  We continued on, now 8 trikes and 1 car, to Squires Four Pub on the outskirts of Vernon where we had decided to have lunch. On our way in I 'ran into' a couple from Lone Wolves and stopped to chat for a bit.  James asked if I was going on the ride tomorrow.... "Ride? What ride?". He told me where & when to meet and I said "See you tomorrow."

After a nice lunch, most of the people headed back to Sicamous.  I led the way in to Vernon to the Superstore so some shopping could be done for dinner.  Terry & Laurel, Jerry & Elaine shopped for the entire group while I got a few things just for me since I am a vegan so don't eat what they would be eating, except for the green salad and a few taco chips with salsa.

Shopping done, groceries loaded in the car, Terry & Laurel took off so fast they lost us, so Jerry & Elaine in the Trihawk and I on my trike rode bake together.  Going through Grindrod, there was a van in front of us... he put on his left turn signal and was actually turning left, so I went to go around him on his right.  Suddenly without any kind of warning, he cranks the van around to go into the street on our right!!! If I hadn't been really fast on the brakes I would have been hit!!! Not impressed!!!

We arrived back in Sicamous at the B&B in one piece where we had a great evening of eating and visiting.  I left there just after 10pm for the 65 minute ride back home.  It was a great day and I rode home sad to say goodbye to my fellow BTW trikers and looking forward to our Trike-in 2013!!  About 330Km ridden today.

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