Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life Changes

I have always been one to do a lot of crafts. In my teens I taught my self how to crochet and made many nice doilies, most I gave away as gifts though some I did keep for myself. As I sit here I look across the room at the end table by the TV and I see the top of it completely covered by one of those doilies that I made and kept. I remember when I taught myself how to macrame.  The biggest hanger I made was a hanging table with a plant hanger in the top of it.  I was living with a guy at the time and just as I finished the hanger we broke up and I moved out, foolishly leaving the hanger behind for him because he had paid for the materials and I didn't want anyone to be able to say I took what wasn't mine, yet with all the hours of work I put into making it I now see that he got to keep what wasn't his. Hmmm, I wonder if he still has it all these years later, lol.  Over the years I taught myself many different crafts, including Native style bead work: using the tiny little seed beads, making necklaces, earrings, hat bands, bracelets, hair clips.... punch embroidery: I made lots of things, including a big eagle for Doug's jacket (the man I was with at that time), cowboy boots with musical instruments leaning against them and the hat on top for Doug's vest, an eagle head for the back of one of my dresses and many other things, including a peacock which I sold for $200. I did ceramics and still have some of the things I made. I did regular embroidery for a long time too.  I know there were many other crafts that I can't seem to think of just know, then I got into spinning & weaving. Take raw sheep fleeces and turn them into useable wool, then weave with some of it. Some of the things I wove include scarves (I gave some away and kept some), 3 table runners (1 to sister Marcy, 1 to Mom, 1 to brother Terry for his wedding gift. Planned to make one for me but never got it done).  I still have lots of skeins of wool around and loads of threads for weaving... and for years now my spinning wheel and loom have been sitting here collecting dust. I gave 1 of my spinning wheels to niece Rebecca for Christmas this year.  So, after a life time of crafts what am I doing now? Well, not much.  The only thing I've done in a very long time is I recently made some very simple book marks using stretch thread and large hole beads.  A friend gave me one she had made, it is so handy that I made several more for myself.  It's funny how we change over the years, how our interests change. I wonder if I will ever be interested in crafts again and if so which ones.  Will I use the loom again or should I dust it off and sell it, along with the warping board and all the other bits and pieces involved in weaving.

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