Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trike Updates

Yesterday I went to Ray's place, that's the friend I'm doing inventory for in his small engine repair shop, and who's place my trike is currently at. Ray and a couple other guys from my Classic Motorcycle Club did a bunch of planning for changes they are going to do on my trike. I admit I didn't understand a lot of what they were talking about and I sure am hoping they know what they're talking about. They are planning to shorten the trike frame to put the back axle about 3 1/2 inches closer to the bike; cut my bike frame shorter where the seat attaches and have another guy redo my seat to change it to a solo seat; build a new box of a slightly different size and shape; attach the fenders to a new thing they'll build rather than to the box as was done with the old box, oh ya, and put springs on the back while removing 1 set of springs/shocks from the bike portion. And all I had planned was to build the new box and get the gas tank and fenders painted. If this all makes sense to you, good... I'm not sure it does to me, but at least I do have a general idea of what's happening.  I just hope it happens fast so that when the surgery is done on my hand and the hand is healed, the trike will be ready to hit the road. Frank will find out how much the metal for the box will cost, then I will drive to Kelowna to buy the metal and take it to Frank's home so he can start work on cutting and bending it. Mike will build the frame for the new box. Ray will be doing all the frame changes which are even more than I told about up higher, but I'm not sure how to tell it all, lol.

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