Friday, December 16, 2011

Food Bank

I put in many volunteer hours each month at the local Food Bank, run by the Salvation Army. I really enjoy going there to help out with all the work needing to be done and I so enjoy the people I get to work with there. December is always a very busy month around the Food Banks with all the Christmas Food Drives happening as well as donations coming in from schools, stores and so many other people walking in to bring donations. My TOPS club also donates a bunch of food at this time of year. Donations are needed at the Food Banks all year long and December is when most of the donations are made. When donations come in it means a lot of work sorting through all that mix of various kinds of food items, filling the shelves and boxing the rest to be stored for refiling the shelves as needed through the coming year. All the standing and bending is a real killer for my low back, but I persevere and get lots done. I am grateful for the opportunity to help where help is so needed.

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