Friday, September 30, 2011


Today I rode my trike out to Falkland to look at a used treadmill that a friend of mine told me about at the Senior's Centre there. It is a good machine and I bought it for a really good price. I phoned my friend Dan the Man with a Van and had him come out and get it for me as it's way too big and heavy to pack on a motorcycle, even mine. I would have liked to go visit some of my friends in Falkland, including Don who owns a store that sells lots of motorcycle clothes and accessories, even some funny tshirts I really like (I want to get the one that says "Property of Nobody"), but had to ride home to meet Dan. By the time I got here he'd dropped off the treadmill in my carport and left already, so I picked some of my plums, then came inside and prepared a spot for the treadmill to go. I had to move other furniture to make room for it. Dan came back a bit later and between the two of us we managed to get the huge, heavy machine into my house where it now takes up a large part of my living room. It's a good thing to have and will help me to look better by spring when maybe I'll buy myself one of those t-shirts.

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