Wednesday, September 21, 2011


All summer I've taken every opportunity I could to ride my motorcycle. I've put somewhere around 6,000 kilometers on it since I insured it in June and I've loved pretty much every inch of all those kilometers of riding. Yet, yesterday and today I have felt content to just stay home. The weather has turned cool and cloudy so it's not as enjoyable to ride now as it was most of the summer. All July we had a whole lot of rain and I rode in it with no problem, even though I got soaked to the skin every time, yet it was still not all that cold. Monday evening I went for a ride with some friends, up Silver Star Mountain to the ski hill, and it was a really great ride except it was freezing up high. My left hand was so cold my fingers were hurting really badly and I could hardly pull the clutch. For some reason, though my right fingers were cold too, they weren't anywhere near as bad as the left. My ears and face were also very cold as was my entire body. I was so glad to finally get to the top, hoping there would be somewhere we could go for hot drinks, only to find that everything up there was closed. Thankfully, I had full finger gloves in my saddlebags (I ride with fingerless gloves), as well as a sweater and a neoprene face mask. After a short walk around the village, I bundled up and was much warmer on the ride down than I had been on the ride up. I sure enjoyed a hot cup of tea when we got down the mountain again.

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