Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Computer Updates

My computers have been giving me a lot of problems lately, and I am very happy to say I am soon to be beyond all the problems. My friend Dan reformatted my old HP laptop which never has been a good computer even though I paid over $1000 for it. I will never buy another Hewlett Packard computer after all the problems I've had with this one. A few years ago I bought a cheap Acer laptop for under $400 and it has been a far better computer for me than the HP ever was. I am glad though that I still have the HP kicking around as a 'back up' computer as I now am using it while Dan does the reformat on the Acer. Than I will be using it again as my main computer and this one as a back up will again sit on the computer desk and collect dust until it is needed for any reason.

In the meantime, my friend CJ told me she's been using coupons to save $$ and is trying to get a coupon exchange going in our town. I guess many companies give coupons to let people save money while purchasing their products. I know where you can get Kohls coupons, and I know that some coupons come in the mail or in flyers in the newspaper. I'm going to start using more coupons.

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