Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Blip from Life!

I am so happy, content and especially tired. I have had a wonderful 3 days riding my new trike, hot off the presses!! LOL. Having just gotten home and trying to pay some bills and such, I wish I had one of those Personalized Stamps with a bunch of the information on them that I have to write multiple times. Bill paying always seems to take the fun out of an otherwise great weekend. Oh well, the main thing is that I now have my new trike on the road and have been traveling all over the North & Central Okanagan Valley. One of these days I might head over to the Kootenays, or even down to the South Okanagan, almost to the border of Canada & US. I have people to visit in both places. But first I have to build my body back up to where it can ride longer times without getting over worked and hurting. My left wrist was shattered and dislocated just under 9 months ago and I am very blessed & grateful to have the use of my hand as well as more than 50% of the range of motion in the wrist itself. Since the crash where I was injured, this is the first I've ridden, so am physically out of shape for doing it. I know, you never realized one had to be in shape to ride a motorcycle, but you really do. Also, I need to put a windshield on it to cut down on the wind pressure against my body, and to stop so many bugs from committing suicide on my face... that hurts both them and me. Anyway, I really must go finish paying the bills, then get some sleep so I can do my gardening tomorrow... and ride some more too.

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