Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Cool Stuff

This evening I went to the big mall in the small city where I live. I hadn't planned on going there, rarely ever do go there, but was with Joyce & she needed to go there. While there, I met up with a very long time, wonderful friend, Diane. I haven't seen Di for a couple years though just last night I was talking to some ladies that know Di & said they had seen her on Wednesday. Now I see her. It's funny like that some times. In the mall there was a big 'garage sale' happening & I found out it was the Animal Care Society. They paid for me to take my dog to the vet & to have surgery when she needed it and I couldn't pay for it. Tonight I bought a beautiful, framed picture of a wolf for $15. Not big time, but at least it will help a bit. I wish I had more to give... maybe one day. I do plan to write a will one day and put them in it. I bet many people will be buying things from them & many of the stores in the mall with plans to give them to loved ones as Christmas gifts. Yup, it is that time of year when people are thinking of and even purchasing gifts for 'the season' which is just around the corner. Every year I tell Mom a few things I would like to have and she usually gets me one of the things, or two. I want a Wii so will tell her this, though I think it is too much a 'big ticket item' for her to get me. She might consider getting me wii accessories, though they would do me no good without the Wii... sigh.

Ya.... maybe I'll go back to the mall tomorrow & grab a thing or two for gifts.

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