Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thursday ... Part 2

In the afternoon, about 4pm, I said 'bye' to my TOPS friends and headed to Mom's for a visit. My brother Bernie and his youngest daughter Jillian (19) were down from north of Edmonton, Alberta. He owns a house in the town where Mom lives and as his tenants have moved out he has been fixing it up to sell it. I really like the place. It's an older house and has some really great features that I love, especially all the cupboards and drawers. Our eldest sister's (Anne) son Denny came up too. He used to live here then moved to the Vancouver area, then to Mississippi for a few years, then back to Vancouver area, now back to the north Okanagan, and back to working for Hydro. He made the 30 minute drive to see Bernie and visit Mom. I haven't seen Den in about 5 years so was kind of nice. He said he'll come visit me one of these days... I don't want him her until I get this place back in better shape, clean and tidy, and that could take years yet. Mom, Jillian, Bernie, Denny, our sister Marcy, her husband Randy, and myself all went to Salmon Arm for dinner out. It was a very nice evening and I hated to say good-bye, not knowing how long it will be before I see some of them again. It's been a very long time since I last saw Jillian and she is so grown up now... so very beautiful, inside and out. Any young man with half a brain will soon have her shopping for wedding favors... and I hope she's smart enough to not go for it, to wait until she's much older to settle down and marry.

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