Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Thoughts and Information

Just some random thoughts before I go to sleep:

- Last night at my regular Tuesday evening Toastmasters, I was voted in as President of our club... a one year commitment.

- As C0-Leader of my TOPS group, I will be leading the meeting tomorrow morning (later this morning I guess as it's after 1am already). I am new in this executive position and know this will be a great experience.

- I wonder how many people visit

- My younger brother and his youngest daughter (in her late teens) are both out from north of Edmonton, Alberta, staying at Mom's for a few days. I am going to visit Mom tomorrow afternoon, after my TOPS meeting. I don't know if Bernie & Jillian will be around as they will be busy out visiting and working on the house Bernie owns in "Mom's town" (he had renters in there and now is fixing it up to either sell or rent out again).

Well, I really must go to sleep now. It has been a very long, wonderful day and before I got my second wind, I was very tired. I must be up in less than 6 hours to fully enjoy another long, wonderful day. I send you all wishes for an awesome day!!

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Thom said...

Congratulations my friend. That's great!