Monday, April 19, 2010

Awesome Day!

What did I do yesterday?? Did I go to Sunday Service like I usually do?? Nope, didn't go to Sunday Service, though in a way I did do something Spiritual. I went for a ride.

Yesterday was Tuggy's birthday and it was the 51st birthday in a row that he went riding his motorcycle. This year was the first year I went with him on his birthday (I just met him May 31 last year). It was a beautiful, sunny day and absolutely perfect for a Sunday ride on a most beautiful Harley trike. We rode a ways out one side of Okanagan Lake, then back and out the other side as far as the road goes... back in and through town to ride out past Kalamalka Lake and through the Coldstream area. Back into town, and stopped at Canadian Tire where we got a new brake line for my trike and a hot dog (from vendor in front of the store) for my chauffeur. Usually I would have had a hot dog too, but am eating mostly raw foods these days (healthy) so nibbled on some raw nuts & seeds I'd taken along. Next we went to McDonald's as I wanted a nice hot cup of tea. I also bought a chocolate muffin (hey, I said mostly raw, not totally) and took it all outside to join Tuggy. I sang Happy Birthday to him and ripped the muffin in half, giving him half and eating the other half with my tea. We had driven past his daughter's home and talked to his nephew as his daughter wasn't home, then after McD's we drove to his son's where I was introduced to his son, wife and really cute 3 year old (going on 15) daughter. From there he brought me home and stayed to hang out for awhile before going back to his son's for supper.

I was introduced to Tuggy last May because I needed a ride on the Memorial Ride for a friend, Gord. Wendy (Gord's wife) & I both wanted me on the ride, and Tuggy agreed to 'pack' me on his trike. This was far from my first ride on a motorcycle, yet it was the first time I ever rode on a trike (3 wheeled motorcycle). We rode about 250K, stopping at Gord's favorite 'watering holes', taking about 8 hours. It was awesome!! Tuggy took me for a few more rides over the course of the summer and we ended up agreeing that he'd build me a trike of my own. Over the course of the the winter, we have gotten to know each other better and become even better friends. If anyone had told me before that something romantic would happen between Tuggy and me, I would have said "no way"... and yet... well, it is kind of going that way as of the last couple days. (Is there any good way to change men's clothing?? I don't mind jeans & t-shirts, that's cool, but the jeans he wears leave a lot to be desired... hmmm.)

A couple weeks ago, Tug was talking about moving from where he is living now. He rents a room in someone's home. I said that I want to clean up my home and once it is done I could rent him a room. I said this just as a plan to make some money, thinking a roomer could be a good thing and the we seem to get along well when working on the trike together. Now, if something romantic is going to happen it could really confuse the 'roomer' issue. I've lived totally on my own for 20 years straight, and before that most of my adult life has been living alone. To share my home with another person could be a real challenge for me... and if it is with a boyfriend, even more of a challenge. Am I ready for a committed relationship with one man?? To give up my other boyfriends?? I don't know... I just don't know. We'll have to see how the spring& summer play out I guess.

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Thom said...

Hau`oli La Hanau to Tug. Sounds like a wonderful day. I wish you all the best Alice :)