Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thursday December 10

Up early, got ready to go to TOPS. Had an acid reflux 'event' so had to get that under control before I left. I was late for the weigh in so went straight to the hall we'd rented for our Christmas Party. We had such a great time... awesome food, incredible ladies, loads of fun. Pat decorated the hall Wednesday evening and did a fabulous job of it, then some others of us added a few bits. Francis took a 'Charlie Brown Tree' that was so cute & decorated with hand made decorations that Francis gave to all of us. I took my live Poinsettia & my little fiber optic tree. We all took gifts and did a gift exchange, all were great gifts and it seemed that we each picked what was perfect for us even not knowing what was in them until we opened them. The one I chose turned out to be a Tranquility Tray (very nice wooden tray with compartments for the candles, stones, sand that came with it). We had games, won prizes, etc. When all was done, we all cleaned up the hall them most went home. DJ, Francis, Paulene & I all went to McDonald's for tea/coffee & to visit, as if we hadn't been together long enough already. :o) After Francis & Paulene left, I stayed with DJ while she waited for her husband Rolland to come get her after he got off work. Then we all visited while he had coffee & fries.

There was a tiny skiff of snow while we were in McDonald's, then I left & drove back here. They always get more snow there than we do here and it's only a 15 minute drive, so a bit strange.

Watched a bit of TV for the evening & enjoyed time with my animals.

I am grateful for TOPS helping me to conform/transform my body into a healthier, slimmer body
I am grateful for the wonderful friends I've made in my TOPS group
I am grateful for the support we give each other in this group
I am grateful for the things this group does together
I am grateful to have become friends with DJ & Rolland

I was going to tell you about today too... but it's take me all night to do this much. I'll tell you why tomorrow. It's now 4:55am and I should get some sleep soon.


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quilly said...

I am wondering about your recent reflux flare ups, have you added anything new to your diet or changed your routine? Since you are attending TOPS I won't ask about any sudden weight gain. How about stress -- more of that than usual?

How is the Gaviscon working? I use the pills. The liquid pretty much gags me.