Friday, November 27, 2009

My Bed

Before I head off to bed, thought I'd just tell you about that bed. I used to have a queen size water bed and I loved it! Then, Mom & Dad asked if I'd like to have their bedroom set as they were getting a new one. This was an antique set that they'd gotten second hand and had used for many years, so yes, I did want it. At first I set the bed up out in the addition, back when there was only the small addition on this home, so I could sleep in it for awhile to be sure, before I took the water bed down, that I could be comfortable in it. I had slept in the water bed for so many years and it was so comfortable that I had to be sure. I found it to be okay, so took down the water bed & moved this double bed into my bedroom. It gave me a lot more space in the room, being a smaller bed, and I needed that extra space as it came with the matching highboy & vanity with stool (minus the mirror which had been broken during a move years earlier). To take the place of the heat of the water bed, a friend gave me an electric blanket, though eventually it wore out. I love lots of blankets on my bed so was okay with heaping a few extras on in cold of winter.

The master bedroom is at the south end of my home and while I heated the home with the natural gas furnace it was warm at that end while being cool to cold at the north end where the kitchen & living room are. A few years ago I got my pellet stove & put it into the addition I had built on here in 1997, so it is at the north end and it keeps the house nice & toasty warm, though in cold weather it doesn't quite keep the bedroom warm unless I cook the rest of the house by turning the stove up really high, and use fans to move the heat down there. This fall I decided to move to the '2nd bedroom' which is in the 'new' addition, in the next room to the stove. Now my bedroom is warm & I close the door to the master bedroom. My walk-in closet is still back there in the master bedroom, but that's okay, I can walk that far when I need to. So far I've only needed 1 comforter & a bedspread and I find this plenty warm, even with the window open a crack to let in fresh air.

I recently bought myself a comfy new pillow... it's so nice. Yup, I think I'll go lay my head on it now... well, not now exactly. First I have to put DW 'to bed' (I think she's sleeping on the back of my chair), feed chinchillas, put Reba outside for one last potty break before bed... then I'll lay my head on my pillow.

Sweet dreams all!!

PS. I sometime think of the water bed & wish I had it now... I do miss it. Though I wouldn't want to part with my antique bedroom set, and don't have room for both.


quilly said...

Bed. Excellent idea. I am exhausted. No electric blankets in Hawaii, though!

Thom said...

Thank goodness we don't have to have furnaces here :)

ellen said...

I joined the camera critters. Hope you can find time to visit my very first entry to this meme. Thank you and God bless. Indeed a blessing to see you around.