Friday, October 09, 2009

Truck Sold

Great news. I have sold the truck I wanted to sell. I bought it about 5 weeks ago for a parts truck, then realized this wasn't going to work. I put it on Kijiji and CheapCycle for sale for $800. One woman emailed offering me $400. Of course I turned that down, it was less than I'd paid just a few weeks before and I got a good deal on it. A couple days ago I noticed someone out in the yard looking at it so I went out with the key. By then they were in their car leaving, apparently not interested even though they saw me coming with the key. Yesterday I put a For Sale sign on it that I just bought, along with a list of its qualities and that it needs an oxygen sensor, asking $800 Reasonable Offers Considered. This morning I got a phone call, the guy really wanted it and offered $600. I countered at $700, he said he didn't have that much, so I said $650 and he happily agreed. He said he'd get the money together and call back in 2 hours. He didn't call back. Within an hour after his 2 hours had passed, another guy came up and knocked on the door. I went down with the key. He had the hood open and I started it up so he could hear it run. He wants it for a parts truck. He ended up giving me $100 down, the rest to be paid tomorrow and he'll bring his flatbed trailer to haul it away. He didn't even try to talk me down on the price!! I am very happy and relieved to have it going. I don't want money tied up in something else that just sits in the yard and rusts.

In my yard I have my truck, a utility trailer, a flat-deck trailer, as well as a small travel trailer. All were given to me, so I sure can't complain. I did have to put about $250 into the utility trailer to make it usable, and a bit of work into the flat-deck. The travel trailer is old, the rv warranty long since ran out before it came my way. There are no ownership papers with it so I can't insure it. I'm just using it as a storage shed for now. Maybe I'll get papers some day and use it.

I'm not only happy to have the truck sold, I am also happy to have sold it for more than I paid for it. I can use the money to have the body of the truck I drive fixed. Rust over wheel well cut out and new metal welded in, as well as some spot painting. That will happen in the spring.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats my friend. And for more than you bought it for. WOOT :)