Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Laugh 14

Yet another excerpt from from Chapter 3 of "Life's Greatest Lessons" by Hal Urban. If you are just here for the first time and would like to start reading from the beginning, you will find it all at my label Good For A Laugh.

In one of the classic scenes in A Thousand Clowns, Murray asks his brother Arnold why he doesn't do some of the crazy things he did when he was younger, like the time he showed up for work in a fancy suit, a hat, carrying a briefcase... and on roller skates. Arnold says, "I don't do practical jokes anymore, if that's what you mean..." Murray jumps up, grabs both of Arnold's arms and shouts, "PRACTICAL, that's right; a way to stay ALIVE! If most things aren't funny, Arn, then they're only exactly what they are; then it's one long dental appointment interrupted occasionally by something exciting, like waiting or falling asleep.

Actually, laughter is more than practical. It's essential. It's one of the chief ingredients of mental health. We have a genuine need to take a break from life's harsh realities - to act like a nut, to roar with laughter, to delight in the absurd, to chuckle at cartoons, to tell and hear jokes, to see funny movies, and to do wacky things. There's wisdom in the ancient proverb that tells us, "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest of men."

To be continued...

I wonder if you burn fat when you laugh a lot? After all, you'd think it would take some calories to do a bunch of laughing. I wonder if there has ever been a study done on this... and how many minutes/hours it would take to laugh off 10 calories. Hmmm.

I would like to add more to this post and I can't... I can hardly stay awake. It's now 1:30am, early for me yet I've been fighting real hard to stay awake to type this out for you. I can't do it any more, so will add more tomorrow night. :o)

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Thom said...

Oh laughing is so essential. Wouldn't it be great to laugh off fat? I'd be like Twiggy :)