Friday, December 05, 2008


I've been pretty quiet lately. Not posting a lot or visiting my blog friends that I so enjoy visiting. This is due to stiff, sore neck and upper back that cause terrible headaches. I went to the Chiropractor and got a treatment so am feeling a bit better, but still not great. I am going again for another treatment on Monday and hopefully that will get me back on top of the world and through the rest of this year.

I didn't go to class at the Centre on Wednesday due to feeling crappy, but I got it recorded, so can still listen to it, so not a total loss. Only 2 more classes to go and the Troward class will be over. I am 'sooooo' behind on my homework.

I found out on Tuesday that I am down to give a speech this coming Tuesday. That is rather short notice, Yikes! At my 'old' club, we signed ourselves up to do things as we chose, but at my 'new' club, the VP Education signs people up and you are told what you will be doing and when. I could tell them I can't do it and let someone else, but don't want to do such a thing, so will pull together a speech to give.

I had planned to get a lot done around the house this week. Dan went to Arizona with a friend of his, so I wanted to do a lot here so when he gets back the place would be ready to get to work on the new flooring, but I didn't do anything with the headaches and such. Just couldn't make me work like that. I took the sheets off my bed earlier this week to wash them and due to the headaches haven't even been able to get them back on, so sleep without sheets just now. Soon, very soon, I will make the bed up properly.

So, that's how my week or two has been going. I hope all of you are doing ever so much better. I look forward to coming by to visit as soon as I can deal with longer periods of time on the computer.

Sending Love & Hugs

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