Monday, December 08, 2008

My Day in Review

Well, my friends, it has been quite the day today. It all started in what I call yesterday, at least last night, yet officially it was all today... all after 12:00 midnight. So what am I babbling on about? Last Tuesday at Toastmasters, I was told I would be giving a speech this Tuesday. Wow, short notice. At the club I used to be part of, we got to sign up our own names onto the schedule as much as 4 weeks ahead, and with this new club I'm in, the VP of Education signs everyone up for whatever duties, and we find out one week ahead of time instead of knowing for as much as 4 weeks ahead. I'm really not used to this, and find it a challenge with my busy life to suddenly pull a speech out of a hat. Not that I'm complaining, just saying. I've been trying to think of which manual project to use, and what to talk about, I find this is a challenge for me every time. Last night, as I had just slipped into bed around 3am, I picked up my 2 manuals and started to read them... again, to hopefully come up with at least which project to use. While doing this, a song kept running through my head. The song that I had listened to a few times and posted onto my blog for all of you to listen to too. "Feliz Navidad". Then suddenly I some more lines and ideas of/for the speech started to flow... and I jumped out of bed to run back (turning on lights as I went) down the hall, through the kitchen, into the living room to find a note book and a pen. By 5:35am the speech was nearly done, so I turned out the light and went to sleep.

At 10am the phone rang and after talking a few minutes I thought I'd go back to sleep for a few more hours... but I first had to get up and check out something on the computer to do with my speech. I never did make it back to bed and to sleep. By the time the speech was done and the emails were read, and of course the speech was typed (copied from chicken scratch in the notebook), I really had to rush to have my shower and head out (with wet hair) to my chiropractor appointment for which I arrived about 10 minutes late.

The treatment went very well, my body gave in to the adjustments so much easier than it did the other day. That shows that I've improved a lot from what I was then, as I had figured by the lesser pain and no more headaches, thank God!! Now I can make it through the rest of this year without another treatment, so long as nothing unexpected happens... sigh.

I ran a couple quick errands, then headed to a friend's home. On the way I stopped at a Tim Horton's Drive Thru and got a sub sandwich, a muffin, and an extra large cup of tea. After enjoying my late lunch sitting in my truck in the parking lot, I continued to Carol's place. She wanted me to check out their rabbits new babies, born yesterday. I used to raise Netherland Dwarf rabbits, and show them, so I know what I am looking for and these 2 little ones are healthy. It was better when I could hold the kits (that's what a baby rabbit is called, a kit or kitten) to give them a 'health check', and, well, just to play with them, lol. However, I wouldn't touch these ones and had one of them hold the kits. If the doe is used to you handling them, they are okay with you handling their kits, but if she smells someone/something unknown on the babies she will kill them. It's an instinct from in the wild, a safty thing. After a bit of a visit there, I went to Staples.

Staples, if you don't know, is an office supply franchise store where you can also get things like cameras, phones, and other such stuff. In their flyer I'd seen something I wanted... not something I needed, but I did want it. It is a new digital camera!! Yes, the one I have, my Kodak, is a good camera, a very good one in fact, yet it only has 4 mega pixels. It has a 10X zoom which I love, and is user friendly, but only 4 MP. Still, I've had no reason to be unhappy with the photos I've taken. Unfortunately, the lens cap got a bit broken so won't stay on the lens anymore, and when that first happened, the lens got a chip out of it. Thankfully, this doesn't show in my photos, but maybe it would if I got them printed/enlarged, and now that I am with the Camera Club, it is a possibility that I will be entering future photos into competition and this chip or the lower MP could be a problem. Or so I tell myself.

Kodak Easyshare DX6490

I must admit that I got into using this camera in "Idiot Mode" as some call it, with everything on automatic. With my 35mm I always had to adjust everything manually, and even enjoyed doing that... artsy, creative. I don't know when it was I slipped into "Point & Shoot" being the norm. There are a lot of things I still want to learn about using the manual settings on this camera, now that my creative juices are being stimulated again... though I have much to learn on my new camera.

If you are interested in the details of these 2 cameras, click on the links I posted above their photos.

So far, the only downfall I can see about the Fujifilm vs Kodak, is that the Kodak has a rechargable battery in it that came with it, and all you have to do to recharge it is to place the camera on its dock and leave it for awhile. The Fujifilm came with 4 AA batteries and from experience I know that these little batteries don't last a great long time, so could get costly to keep replacing them. However, I will get some rechargeable batteries for it... eventually. I've now really over spent and blown so much of my savings, though that will rebuild and I will fairly soon have rechargeable batteries. I have an old recharger in the back room and last time I used it, it still worked. In fact, I should have 2 rechargers around here... so just the batteries is all I need.

I went to Canadian Tire next... this is a store that sells waaaaaay more than tires, lol. I got a good quality hook for putting into the ceiling to hang a plant for Mom tomorrow while I'm in her town to visit her. I also got some short pieced of chain, 2 different kinds, to use in creating more of a play/exercise area for DW in the hope that it will keep her from getting bored and chewing on the wall paper. Also, a package of fly strips... I have a lot of house flies in my house for some silly reason and they are driving me crazy!!!! I've taken the population down a long ways with these strips and spray and swatters, but must keep up the assult if I want to win this war.

It was nice to come home take my shoes, socks & bra off, and relax. I made some changes to my speech which I've been practicing whenever I can fit it in today, and will still have a lot of work to do with it tomorrow. I watched the 2 hour special of Boston Legal... sadly the last episode of this most wonderful, hillarious show. Since "laughter is the best medicine", I'm sure this show has kept many people healthy over the duration of its run. I am soooooo going to miss Boston Legal. I actually had tears in my eyes as the last minutes were shown. It was so "rofl" funny... and yet sad, knowing it was the end.

Speaking of THE END.... Yup, this is it!!

All right!!! Who said that? Huh?? Whos said "finally"?!

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