Sunday, December 07, 2008

DW Antics Today

Today I was in the kitchen doing some dishes and cleaning, oh so very much needed cleaning, and DW was on Charlie Chinchilla's cage. There is a window opening between the livingroom and the kitchen, and that is where the chinchilla cages are, so DW, my sweet little Ringneck Parrot, climbed off the cage and thru the opening and onto the dish drying rack which by this time was full of clean dishes and covered with a cloth. She actually, I think by accident, fell into the dish water, rofl. I gave her my arm and she climbed out onto me and sat on my shoulder. I continued doing some work, very carefully with her on my shoulder, and walking around the house some and she chose to stay on my shoulder for a long time. I loved it as it was her choice to come to me and her choice to stay with me for a longer time than she's ever been on me before. It sometimes amazes me just how bonded I am to this silly bird that has ruined my living room walls and chooses to bite me way too often, and yet I sure have. I love "pretty bird".

Another thing that happened today with DW.... Dan was here and we were in the kitchen when I noticed, through that window opening, that DW was inside Charlie's cage, sitting on his food dish, throwing his food out of the dish. I must have left the door to his cage open last night. Any of the other chinchillas would have gotten out and be running free in the house, chewing phone cords and other electrical cords, risking their little lives, but for some wonderful reason, my Charlie stays in his cage no matter what. Anyway, I got my but in there right away to get DW out of the cage. Charlie was sleeping in his tube and I'm not sure what would have happened if he was awake and came out to see her, all is well with her on the outside of the wire, they seem to like the visits, but might be some biting with them both together inside the cage. I know enough to pull my sleeves down over my hand before I attempt to get DW when she doesn't want to be got. I put my hand/arm in the cage and she did end up getting onto me fairly easily, after an attempt or two to bite, but I couldn't get my hand out with her on it as the door is too small in that cage (actually a bird cage being used as a chin cage). With her biting at me I ended up having to grab her, pull her out, and let her go onto the cage. Dan was standing back watching and chuckling away. I was nipped a bit, but no skin breaking bites this time. This all took place earlier in the day, long before when she came to me in the kitchen, via the dish water in the sink.

Here are some photos of damage DW has done in my home. There's more since I took these photos a few days ago, and the chinchilla cages hide some of what she's done as she goes in between the cages and the wall for privacy as she works. Sheeeeesh!!

Patches of wall paper ripped off the wall. Other spots are lower and hidden behind the cages:

Wood frame around the door from living room into loom room, chewed. This is one of 3 spots up that side of the doorway:

Top corner of same door, wood chewed and wallpaper ripped off, exposing wood paneling underneath:

Here is the big mirror and one spot where DW has chewed the wood frame, yes there are other spots too. Also another place where the wallpaper has been ripped off:

This is a basket of wool yarns I've spun. I guess I can be thankful DW ate the basket and not the yarns... but I really liked that basket!! First I noticed she'd damaged the handle... then I saw this side... this side that was hidden from me. She didn't touch the side that was open to the room and to being noticed sooner.

How can a person (well, me anyway) stay mad at her when, just after doing bad stuff, she says "Pretty Bird" and makes her cute little sounds (over and over), and makes me laugh. She's like a child in its 'Terrible Twos", and will always be like that.

DW and Charlie were 'visiting' through the wire of his cage and I grabbed my camera and zoomed in. As I took the shot, DW turned her head so I missed the shot I had wanted to take and got this one instead. Not the fabulous shot I wanted, yet still cute, I think.

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