Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Creator

Quilly left me a message to one of my posts yesterday, and included a link to a post she'd written earlier this year, a beautiful story of her relationship with God, and how He saved her life one day. It is well worth going to have a read (after you finish here, of course). It reminded me of a couple things.

One being my friend Bev who goes to the Okanagan Centre for Spiritual Living, my Spiritual Centre, and is currently taking the same class I am taking on The Edenbourgh Lectures by Thomas Troward. One day Bev was driving her truck and I'm not sure what exactly happened except that she was out of control and about to go over a large bank. She said "Oh My God!" and suddenly, for no apparent reason, the truck shifted around and instead of rolling sideways down the back, it went backwards and simply slid down with no damage to either the truck or Bev. She felt the presence of God there with her, taking care of her.

The other thing is a mini poster type thing my Dad once gave me, many years ago. I don't even know where it got to, but I remember it well. It said:

I Know I'm Okay
Cuz God Don't Make No Junk

If you think you are "unworthy", or "unlovable" (as I thought for way too many years), or anything less than perfect, whole and complete, think about that. All that is, is made by God... the ONE CREATIVE FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE, and that includes you! God would not make anything less than perfect.

I send you love!
I send you Peace!

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quilly said...

I actually wrote that post a couple of years ago and put in on my Matthew 28:15 blog. This event occurred over 8 years ago now, and I have given several talks on it, including one to a PACKED church at a revival.