Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 13 - Monday

I was scheduled to go to a friend's place today for turkey dinner, but I canceled out. Bummer in that I'd love to have had a second turkey dinner, but good in other ways. With my body aching and it being cloudy and rainy out, I just didn't feel like going out at all today. I didn't even go out to get my cell phone charger from the truck. (I have an inverter in the truck so I can plug in my laptop and other 'necessaries' while on the road, haha, and that's where the cell was last plugged in to charge).

After I had canceled the dinner, I figured I better light the pellet stove as it was getting cool in here. I had forgotten to put pellets in last night, so it had run out at some point. Guess I have to get back into that habit now that the cooler months are upon us again. Anyway, before I lit the stove, I had to clean it, and I've been planning to tear it apart to clean deep inside it before the cold weather hits. I ended up doing that today!! A very good thing.

After sitting down and resting my body for a bit, I cleaned the empty budgie cage, moved Tomas, my budgie, into that cage and cleaned the one he'd been in. That will now go out to the shed tomorrow until I need it again. Next I cleaned Kashi's cage (white rat). He played on my shoulders/neck while I did the work on his home. I also vacuumed my big chair as DW (ringneck parrot) has gotten food all over it... her cage is right up against the chair so she can come visit me whenever I'm sitting here. Then I vacuumed part of the living room floor, wherever I can get with the vacuum without problems, haha. Fed/watered all critters. I'm out of peanuts and each of the 5 chinchillas gets a peanut for a treat every night, so tonight I gave each a peanut and lots of hay cubes.

I wish I had my camera in my hands just now. Mewsic (cat) is sleeping on the chair with me... on her back, and would make such a cute photo right now, but would wake up and leave if I got up to go for the camera.

Oh ya, I also did a load of laundry and washed the toilet. I really want to get my home clean and tidy again, like it once was, and then keep it that way.

Now, I will bring Reba (dog) into the house and we'll go to bed. It's already after 2am and I have to get up in the morning and get some stuff done. A friend is supposed to come take me out for tea, haven't seen each other for awhile, so will be nice to catch up.

See you soon.

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Happy thanksgiving!