Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yesterday (Sunday) I went to my Spiritual Centre in the morning. It was wonderful. I actually enjoyed not being the song leader, it was kind of nice to just be part of the congregation for once. There were a lot of people there, the growth is steady and most wonderful. I did get up to do a short reading and a Spiritual Mind Treatment (a specific type of prayer) during the service, so I wasn't totally just a part of the congregation, but was more than I have been in a very long time. I've been song leader for over 2 years and I did enjoy it, but have moved on.

I wrote a play, well, I guess it's called a skit as it's only about 10 minutes long, finished it Saturday night, made a few changes Sunday morning, then printed it off on Sunday at the Centre. Gave a copy to each of the 2 men that will be acting in it with me, one to my friend Hannah just for the fun of it and because she encouraged me to write it, and one for me. I made a few more changes in it later in the day with my pen rather than the computer.

Did some shopping, then Reba & I went to the dog park for a nice walk. I'm sure glad the weather held out long enough for us to walk. We both needed the exercise, and I wouldn't have gone had it been raining at the time.

It was about 5:30 when I got home, so was a fairly long day. Not unusual for Sundays, haha.

Today I stayed home. I was giving my hide-a-bed away over Freecycle and the gal had said she'd be here to get it around 9:30am, but her "muscle" didn't show up, so by the time she realized they weren't going to, and found someone else, it was around 6:30pm when they got here. She had been in touch during the day, so that was good rather than letting me hang. She's up from the coast for a week to help her mother get home from the hospital, and put her father into a care home. Big stuff. The hide-a-bed is for her mother. When she arrived here, we recognized each other and gave each other a big hug. We'd worked together many years ago. It's good to have that hide-a-bed gone as I've had it over 2 years and never used it for anything other than putting junque on. (That is not a spelling error, by the way. I decided that stuff that is not really junk, but is usable stuff is junque. haha) Anyway, this gives me more room in my loom room so I can sort things out and get them organized a bit better.

This morning Dan came over and planted 3 fence posts for me. I'd started to dig a hole the other day, but it was very rocky ground and I didn't get very far. It was very nice of him to come do that. I'm making Reba's run smaller, but will make it so she can get up to a fenced in area up on the hill, so she will have more room, and I will have more room on this level. My home is on a hillside with a man-made level area when the home itself sits. Once I have this 'extra' room, I want to move my little travel trailer up and park it there. I was given the trailer and can't get registration papers for it without hassle and expense, so decided to use it as a tack room and store my saddles and such all in it. It will be close to the house, outside my livingroom window, and by the gate to Reba's run, so should be about as safe as can be.

As well as doing some cleaning in the loom room, where the hide-a-bed had been, I cleaned out the 4 cages that my 5 chinchillas live in, and gave them all a bath. I worked on renovating a cage that a friend gave me, so I can put Charlie Chinchilla into it, much bigger than the little one he's in right now. If I'd had this one a few weeks earlier, I'd have kept the 2 doves and put them in this cage, but I gave them away... to the gal that ended up giving me this cage for a chinchilla cage, haha.

Well, I have the feeling I wanted to tell you something else tonight too, but darned if I can think of it just now. So either it's slipped off into the ethers along with so many other thoughts and memories, or there wasn't anything else, haha. Oh... come to think of it, not sure if this was it or not, but....

DW (parrot) was a bad girl today. She flew up into a plant across the room, and did a lot of damage to it. Then later she pulled the Ctrl key off my laptop and I'm not sure if it can be put back on. Then she flew over to the chin cages and was being a brat over there, so I went to get her and she bit me. SOOO she ended up locked in her cage early tonight. She was NOT a happy bird and threw a temper tantrum, haha. She usually is so well behaved and stays on her cage, or in it, of her own free will, but the last few days has been wanting to 'wander'.

Well, off to bed now... early for me, but I need to lay down and rest my back.

Hope you are having a wonderful day/week.


quilly said...

Oh! I got to hold a chinchilla for the first time in a pet store the other day. They are so incredibly soft it is like holding a handful of fluffy air. The little fella in my hands was very well mannered and sweet. I would have brought him home in a second, but we have a no pet clause.

OC spent some time with a Sun Conure -- an absolutely beautiful bird. He sat on OC's hand and kept licking his thumb. He held OC's thumb in his beak, but didn't bite. IT did, however, keep trying to taste OC's wrist watch, but OC used to have a Sun Conure and knew how to gently reprimand and redirect -- and it would respond by licking him again.

Oh! We went into the store in search of a fish tank. The only kind of pet we can keep.

Alice said...

Quilly, I could NEVER live with a no pet clause, as I'm sure you can well guess, haha. I'm so happy for you that you got to hold a chinchilla. They are such wonderful animals, so cute. Now you can see why so many have wanted Chinchilla fur coats, and some still do. At one time they were nearly extinct in the wild, and likely are so or close to now too. However, some were caught and domesticated, so many live now in captivity. Many are raised for the fur industry, while the pet market has grown a fair bit.

I am so blessed to have 5 beautiful chinchilla fur coats... and the best part of it is they are all still being worn by their original owners, haha.

I bet if you didn't have the no pet clause you not only would have gone home with the chinchilla, but also with the Sun Conure for OC, haha. They are beautiful birds, aren't they. DW, my ringneck parrot, is not much different in size from the Sun Conure, if it's the one I'm thinking of. My friend, Cyndi, has 2 conures and I thing they are the Sun. Beautiful birds.

I've posted photos of DW before, but just for you I'll post some new ones, haha.