Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What Burns 3 Calories?

According to Komo4 TV News, a kiss burns off 3 calories. Yup, just 3 little tiny calories. However, they did not say anything about what kind of kiss. Is it the kind of kiss you give your Mother or Grandmother? Or is it the kind of kiss you give a good friend? Or the kind of kiss you give your spouse after 20 years of marriage? OR could it be the kind of kiss you give your new lover? That passionate, "hot" kind of kiss...mmmm. Is it a kiss with or without tongue? They didn't even give us a hint.

I for one would like to have the opportunity to "work out" with a nice "work out partner" for a whole evening.... and more, haha. If one kiss burns 3 calories... well, how many kisses can one have in a whole evening?

Oh... and don't forget... what kissing often leads to burns even MORE calories!! The number of calories burned in this pursuit varies greatly. I found two sites through Google that give quite interesting and humorous lists of what burns how many calories, haha. Check here and here.


Mojo said...

Only 3?
Then I 'd say they're doing it wrong.

Jientje said...

What a LOVELY diet!!!!
Try telling that to weight watchers!!! You crack me up, I love it!

mercola said...

i like your post it makes me laugh. but if it is effective i love to do that just to burn my calories. oh and thanks for the link. looks good for sure it is effective.LOL