Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday September 11th

Things I did today include, but are not limited to:
- read from "Positive Words, Powerful Results" by Hal Urban. Awesome book.
- read from a Toastmasters manual.
- napped with Mewsic (cat) after Reba (dog) went outside. She won't come out as long as Reba is inside as she is too scared.
- watched some TV
- talked on MSN with a friend
- washed a bunch of dishes
- cleaned cages for my 1 rabbit & 5 chinchillas. Also washed the bath jars (1 gallon glass jars) that my chinchillas use to bath and sleep in.
- paid bills.
- did a bit of vacuuming around the chin cages.
- now I must go feed the critters and give the chinchillas their baths. Then off to bed to do some more Toastmasters reading and go to sleep.
- read/answered emails
- did some blog related stuff


Gattina said...

I think Blogger had a couple of beers too much ! In my Google Reader I found your post : "Testing testing.... Does this thing work?" but when I come here I see your Thursday September 11 post !

Julia said...

Wow, seems like you've been quite busy. I always wanted to have Chinchillas, but never had space for a big cage and I wouldn't want to force an animal to live in a small cage. That's why I chose to have cats :)

Greets Julia

Dr.John said...

Looks like you had a full day.

quilly said...

How's this -- I love my job. I am looking forward to the time when my commute to work takes only minutes.

peppylady said...

My day will be posted soon.

Coffee is on.