Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Thoughts and Facts

- today I spent most of the day laying down, but not sleeping. I have been having lots of problems with my low back again lately, so gave it a 'day off' to rest and recouperate. It feels good now, though will see how it works tomorrow when I have a lot to do in town.
- if you believe in them, check here for cheap diet pills.
- tomorrow I have a meeting in the morning re: my new job... a training basically, so I hope to learn lots. I also have some work to do at The Centre to help clean up now that the renovations are finally done, or at least I hope they are... they better be.
- Friday is the big day. Rev. Dale Jukes' official Ordination ceremony. In our group of Spiritual Centres, a minister is a legal minister after passing exams and such, but does not receive his/her ordination until they have a certain number of members in their Centre, and a specific income per month from the Centre. So basically, they have to prove themselves before they get that high recognition. Rev. Dale received his ordination early this year, but with the move and the renovations, etc., we held off the official presentation and celebration. It seemed like so far away, and now it's upon us and seems to be here too soon, haha.
- Friday I have to be at The Centre by 3pm at the latest to have a final song practice with Hannah and Linda. We are preforming a song... "Family". I am also going to be the one that greets the visiting ministers, and after dinner, helps them into their robes for the ceremony.
- Saturday I think I'll take a 'day off' and relax, haha.
- I kept thinking Rev. Dale and his wife Hannah were kind of friends of mine. I finally "got it" the other day. Neither one of them are friends of mine. They don't want to be. They are 'associates' of mine I guess, but certainly not friends. Hannah made it very clear to me that she doesn't want to hear about any part of my life when we get together, we will just practice our music on Tuesdays, and preform it on Sundays. We will do board stuff at board meetings. That's it. Nothing personal. And I irritate Dale, push his buttons. Oh well... I still know that this spiritual pathway is the right one for me, and this centre is important to me... even if I only have aquaintances there and not friends
- Now that I have a career to learn and work, I will have a lot less time to give to the Centre. They will all have to deal with that.


quilly said...

The new job sounds great. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Dr.John said...

Sorry they didn't choose to be your friends.