Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday, September 8th

Today I had planned lots of things. As always, way more than I could possibly achieve in one day. My "To Do List" reads something like this...

- Drink WATER
- Finish/print/mail letter to Joseph, incl. photos of dragon boats
- Practice for Toastmasters
- Clean Reba's Run
- Clean Chinchilla Cages
- Visit friends' blogs

CSL - work on some of:
- paint window trim I primed last week
- wash kitchen cabinets before they're hung
- new comers pkgs.
- Sept. 14 programs
*** ADS in Community Calendar!!!!

Toastmasters - GREETER
Guest & New Member Pkgs. (check for some in drawers, and/or put some together)
SPEECH - Read Out Loud #4 in Specialty Speeches. 12-15 minutes

Ya... okay then, haha.

I was up late watching a movie on TV (turned out light at almost 4:30am), so slept until about 10:30am. Remembered I needed clean clothes for tonight, so washed a load, then forgot to put them into the dryer, so had to find something else to wear but of course didn't clue in to having to do this until I was dressing to leave.

Due to another headache, I didn't get anything done except some preparing for my Toastmasters presentation. It wasn't until late afternoon that I decided for sure what I was even going to read, then had to practice it and make sure it would fit into the time requirements as well as the other project requirements. Thanks to the headache, and my basic laziness, I spent some time laying down in my bed and, since Reba was outside, my cat Mewsic came and joined me. I love it when she comes and curls up with me. I fell asleep for about 45 minutes or so.

I left here later than I meant to. I had planned to be at Toastmasters by 7pm to be the Greeter, and was about 10 minutes late. The good thing was that I wasn't down on the schedule as the greeter... no one was... but as I am now the VP of Membership, I felt it was important I be there to do that. When I arrived (we rent a space at a retirement home on the main drag of downtown), it turned out everything was upside down. They had double booked the rental of the cafeteria, so decided to put us in another room, downstairs. This was not a good thing as it was not wheelchair accessible and our Area Governor, who is a member of our club, is in a wheelchair. So, then they had to put us into a big, open main room and our Sgt. At Arms had to set up the tables and such, late! The former Sgt. At Arms helped as did a couple other people and all was soon in place. We sure didn't expect the 13 guests that showed up, though. We always want guests, for sure, and were very happy to see them, though it added to the 'topsy-tervy' off balance feel to the start of the meeting. AND we pulled it all together very nicely. I was very proud of all the members of our club. There were other 'glitches' too, being the first night back, and we filled all the gaps on the program, etc. and all went very well in the long run.

I gave my 12-15 minute speech out of the Advanced manual, Specialty Speeches. It was "Read Out Loud". I first told my audience a summary of what had happened so far in the book "Rosie" by Alan Titchmarsh, then read a section from Chapter 3 of the book. I felt very good about the job I did, and I got a pretty good evaluation. Everything at Toastmasters is evaluated, and this is a good learning tool for the speakers as well as for the evaluators.

Back in June, I completed the requirements for my Advanced Communicator Bronze award. Tonight, I did the first of 1o speeches required towards my Advanced Communicator Silver award. For this award there are a couple other things on top of the speeches that must be done. I plan to achieve this Advanced Communicator Silver award before the end of June, 2009.

Though I completed my AC-B in June, we didn't send the paper work on it to Toastmasters International until sometime in August as this helps the club more. The club wins certain awards for certain achievements of its members, and had all that was needed for the 2007-2008 award. So, we now already have 1 AC-B towards our goals for 2008-2009. I plan to be one of the AC-S for us too, haha. Tonight we got our first new member too, so only 7 more to go to meet that goal.

Maybe I'm going on too much and confusing you here... not sure as I think I'm half asleep now, haha. Just know, our club is off on the right foot and well on it's way to meeting it's goals for this year... as I am on my way to achieving my goals for this year.

I do have hopes of doing some things tomorrow that I didn't get to today... though I also have a new list for tomorrow... sigh.

Now I am going to stop babbling and post a quote for you to read. Then go feed/water all my critters, then head to bed. Night night, my pretties.

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