Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26.... already.

I had an interesting day today. It was one of those days where I didn't want to quit what I was doing to go do the next thing... then didn't want to quit that to do the next, lol. Rather 'weird', I know.

First, I was in bed... and I didn't want to get out to do.... well, anything. haha. Then finally I forced myself to get up.

Move to the couch and my laptop computer to... blog of course! and read emails, and of course answer &/or forward them. I got so caught up with it that the time just flew by at mock speed and I had to kick myself in the but to get me out of the house and was close to 10 minutes late. For what?

Song rehearsal with Hannah and Linda. We always have such a great time singing together, the time flies by quickly, and it's always kinda sad when it ends.

Then rush off to pick up something I got through Freecycle, a CD holder for the Centre. To A&W to grab a Grilled Chicken Burger with a Garden Side Salad. Now to the Centre to do some of my volunteer work. I updated the 2008 Memebership List, then the Membership Birthday List, then phoned some hotels & motels to get prices on rooms for some of the guest coming from other towns to help us celebrate Rev. Dale's Ordination Celebration. I had planned to leave there by about 5:15... 5:30 at the very latest. It was a bit after 6pm by the time I kicked myself out. There's lots more to do yet, but at least I got that much done to completion.

Hop into truck, drive to dog park... do not pass go, do not collect $200! Walked with Reba for one loop around the park. Neither of us wanted to tear ourselves away from the enjoyment we were having, we wanted to keep walking and visiting with people and dogs. However, I had to go, so we went... late.

It was almost 7pm when I arrived at the Dragon Boat practice. We are supposed to arrive by 6:45 to be on the water by 7:00, and I usually do, but not this time. I got there just as the team was loading into the Dragon. Whew... just in the very nick of time!! Grabbed a life jacket and Val (Coach) grabbed me a paddle. It was a great hour out on the water, and I'm glad I made it in time.

Everything I did today I really enjoyed doing and was glad I had gotten myself there to do it, and everything I did today I really didn't want to leave to do the next thing. Weird, I know, lol.

Since I've been home I've gotten into blogging, a bit, and watching movies on Satalite TV. It's now 2:11am and has taken me forever to do this one post. I don't want to go to bed, I want to watch another movie... and I'm going to make myself get up off the couch and go to bed. I am so tired that likely most of the reason I don't want to go to bed is that I have to get up off the couch to do it, haha. Oh ya, I have to feed critters and give them bed time treats too. Guess I better go now. Caio!


Anonymous said...

I wake up each morning and day, "I won't get sucked into the internet" and then I do... darn!

the teach said...

Loved reading about your day, Alice! :)