Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To Do Today

This is my "To Do" list for today. I must admit that it is not complete, but it is the most important things I have to do. I am behind on answering the comments you left yesterday, and I apologize for this. As soon as I can this evening I will get to work on that. Tomorrow I go visit my Mom for her 85th Birthday, including a family dinner, so will be gone a good part of the day. However, I know I will have some time before I head out to work on this too. Thanks so much for your patience. I will get all the comments replied to... in time, haha.

** Recycle out, if not too late. (Blew this one, haha. Oh well, there's always next time, 2 weeks from now)

** Reply to comments on blogs, mine and Reba's

** Visit Bridge bloggers (all from yesterday I got to last night, and have gotten to some of todays already too. Will be visiting the rest soon.

** Okanagan Centre for Spiritual Living:

Sunday programs ... create them on computer, print them out, cut sheets in half, arrange all sheets into folders.

newcomers packages ... contain information on who we are and what we believe. I put several pamphlets and such into these, most I have to print out from the computer and fold in threes.

membership list… email copy to Rev. Sheila ... I got the list updated yesterday, now have to email it and the information on Hotel/Motel costs to Rev. Sheila. (see post on yesterday)

ADS to Morning Star .... I place ads for the OK-CSL into the local paper

paint window trim .... part of our ongoing renovations in our new location. There's 5 large windows that need their trim painted, so I said I'd come do it.

** Toastmasters – take 2 manuals from last year. Meet with Maxine, the VP Education. Sending for AC-B award!!

** Make magnetic bracelet for Mom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (As I said above, tomorrow is Mom's birthday.... and this will be her gift from me. I HAVE to find MAKE the time for this.


** Do laundry .... so I have clean clothes to wear.

** Dog Park to walk Reba It's raining and the forecast is for more rain today, so I will leave Reba home today rather than have her wait in the back of the truck in the rain. I need to buy a new tarp to put onto the rack so she will stay dry back there.


June Lake said...

That looks like a good list. I hope you get a lot done.

Jyl at Mommy Gossip said...

I saw you over on Anni's website, the name of which is totally escaping me at the moment. She had a WW bridge pic there. I also saw that Rachel on followinginmyfootsteps had posted a pic for WW as well. I am new to the blogging world, so I thought I'd jump over here and see what it is all about. More info please!!!

Also, that sounds like one busy to-do list. I am afraid to make mine. I wish you well in accomplishing all of your tasks. Sounds like you have some fun things going on at least :).