Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random Bits

I am joining Technorati. I`m sure I did this before, a long time ago, but have totally lost any track of it, so am doing it again. I have to post a link in here to verify that I am the owner of this blog. Okay, I can do that. Technorati Profile. There. Told you I could. Hahaha.

I`ve been a bit under the weather yesterday and today. I don`t have time for this, so while it`s been nice to have a full day to play around blogging and visiting loads of other peoples blogs, this has got to stop right now. I have a very full week and lots of commitments.

I`d be interested to know if you know anything about Leptovox, if you have used it or heard any thing about it. If you go read about it, let me know what you think. I just don`t have the time to read right now, lol.

My new cat, Mewsic, laid on the bed with me for a good part of this evening... while Reba was outside. She disappears very quickly whenever my dear dog comes inside the house. I was told she was good with dogs before she came here to live, but she sure is not showing signs of this yet.

I`ve posted an awful lot of stuff today, on my blog mostly, and a bit on Reba`s too. I visited every blog that has posted to BRIDGING THE GAP, and every blog that left a link on Mo`s Manic Monday. I left comments on every one I visited too, by the way. I always do. I also replied to all comments left on my blog and Reba`s for the last couple days, so if you left either of us a comment, go check it out. I posted today to Heads or Tails on my blog, as well as Ruby Tuesday and BRIDGING THE GAP on both blogs. I`ve also visited all that posted links so far to HoT, and some of the ones from RT. I think I`m about blogged out for one day.

My to do list this week includes, but is not limited to:
= Tuesday: Song Rehearsal... do the Sunday Programs, update the Centre`s Membership List, and email a copy to Rev. Sheila... phone some hotels & motels in the area of the Okanagan Centre for Spiritual Living (formerly known as the Okanagan Centre for Positive Living), to get prices for visiting ministers to stay there while in town for Rev. Dale`s official Ordination Ceremony & Celebration... and a few little things, haha. Evening Dragon Boat practice.
= Wednesday: paint trim around several windows at The Centre. We`re still working on the renovations of our new location, and wow, it`s really coming along fabulously.
= Thursday: drive about 30 minutes to the little town where my Mom lives, to visit her and have a family dinner to celebrate Mom`s 85th Birthday!!!

Also, sometime in between, I have to find time to make Mom a gift. I plan to make her a magnetic bracelet, and maybe a necklace too. And I want to see about getting my dentures relined as they are flopping around in my mouth too much. Walking with Reba at the dog park is also a must at least once or twice too.

I haven`t planned beyond that yet, but know it will fill up quickly.

I`m going to post my Quote for the Day, check my emails one last time, moderate any new comments to my blog and Reba`s, go potty, give Reba her cookie, then attempt to get some sleep.... maybe read my book a while.


CharmaineZoe said...

Definitely just aren't enough hours in the day! I have the same problem - started getting up earlier & going to bed later to try and fit everything in, especially since I started blogging seriously. Now I know what a hamster feels like ;-)

Rambling Woods said...

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Amber Star said...

I give you a big star for visiting everyone on the Linky list thingy. Nearly knocked Quilly out last week trying to keep up. Thank you so much for stopping by. That bridge is in the Garvan Woodland Gardens, I think.
I know now...

quilly said...

I am so burnt out on blogging that I have sort of amped things down a bit.

Birman Cats said...

Definitely i agree with the writer views. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up.

jientje said...

What a busy bee you are!!
Not enough hours in a day huh? Hmmm!