Monday, August 25, 2008

Club Soda Uses

Today I visited Lucy's Logic to read her Manic Monday post. I found it very interesting information about CLUB SODA, so with Lucy's permission, I've copied most of it here. If you would like to see the graphics Lucy used, and to read about how to make a tasty sounding drink she recommends for a hot day, pop over and read it yourself.

It is so versatile. Did you know you could use club soda to make your pancakes and waffles fluffier? Just add it instead of the liquid called for in the recipe. Or how about this...use flat club soda to water your plants. The minerals in it are good for them.

Club soda is also good for cleaning bird poop and other things off your car windshield. And speaking of about getting those stains out of your clothes? Did you know it works on urine too? What about green hair? I talking about the green hair we blonde's get from too much chlorine in the summer...yep, it strips it right out!

I'll bet you didn't know that club soda could help you plan that romantic evening with that special someone! You've been to the store to pick up those oysters (just in case) and you need a little help shucking them? CLUB SODA! Soak them awhile and VIOLA...they open a little easier.

Thanks Lucy!!

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