Monday, January 07, 2008

Manic Monday - One

Welcome to my #1 Manic Monday post of 2008!
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Each week, Mo chooses one new word for us to work with, and that one word can be expressed in more than one way. This week, our word is one! This can be expressed as one or 1 whichever one you prefer.

There are a few different ways that I could take this 'assignment', and this is one of them:

I have, for many years been one. Not half of one, not half of two.... I have been one. One whole, complete woman, living on my own. One spiritual being having a human experience, not learning spirituality so much as remembering that which I already knew and forgot when I came into this earthly body. One with the only One (God).

Now I feel I have become ready to meet one. One wonderful man who is perfect for me. By that, I do not mean he is without fault, I mean he is perfect for me. He is one spiritual being having a human experience, walking a spiritual path similar to mine, maybe even the same as mine... now that would be ultimate! We each help the other to learn and to grow in the areas where we need that help. To me, trust is one of the biggest issues, one of the most important things in any relationship. If you can't trust your partner, there is just no point in going on. Love is not enough to make a relationship work without the trust (you can't bake a cake without flour either, the eggs and sugar just aren't enough to do the job).

On New Years Day, I got a call from Chief White Buffalo Man Many Feathers. That was very nice. Today I called him and had a nice chat. Today it sounded, from something he said, that he may be seeing someone. He didn't out and out say he is, but something he was saying while talking about his beliefs made it sound like that. Also, the more I talk to him, though I still have overwhelming feelings for him, I see that his spiritual beliefs are very different from mine and could be an issue between us in future, if we did get together. So it's best that we don't. One more down.

So, let's 'know' that there is someone even better out there for me, someone I haven't met yet, someone I am about to meet any day now. This one is the one I have been looking for and waiting for most of my life. A bonus is that this one will put diamond rings on my fingers.

Enjoy your Manic Monday. See you all later in the week.


Ian Thomas Healy said...

I sincerely hope you find him out there, Alice. Good luck!


Jamie said...

When you are wholely yourself, you will finally be ready to be part of someone else. Good luck.

The Ramblin Irishman said...

I don't know Alice. I never have been one to put too much importance on the wearing of a diamond ring. Now the trust you spoke of is an absolute. I am glad my wife trusts me and knows she has no worries. All those miles and years on a truck she knew that I would not yield to temptation, and there was plenty to yield to. I hope you do find that "ONE" that will bring you all the happiness you deserve. (He will probably be Irish)

Sanni said...

Good luck, girlfriend. I´m sure you´ll meet this one person soon - and he´ll be perfect. You´re one of a kind!

Travis said...

It's rare to know yourself so well. I wish the best for you.

Happy MM!