Friday, January 04, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am surfing the net this morning, reading Friday's Feast posts, and came across the following quote on Alice Teh's blog. I stole it to post it here, hope you don't mind Alice.

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.

-- Henry Ford --

This is particularly good for me to read and to focus on as I want to clean my home and it is rather overwhelming. Due to body pain (fibromyalgia, deteriorated discs in low back, and arthritis) and depression as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, I have let the house go for quite some time. Now I am feeling much better due to a supplement I've recently started taking (if you read my blog much you've seen me mention MaxGXL and link to where you can get more info on it).

Anyway, my house is a disaster area. Some days I think the answer would be to remove the livingroom window, back the truck and utility trailer up to the side of the house, and just start tossing it all out for a trip to the local dump. However, I actually am aware that this would not be the right way to go about it, and at this time of the year removing the window would be cold, haha.

So I have to sort through stuff and either put it away properly or give it away over Freecycle, or send it to thrift shops and as a last resort, send it to the dump. Much of this stuff is good, just left laying around, cluttering the place up.

Looking at is all is very overwhelming, but as Mr. Ford says, if I divide it into small jobs, it won't be so bad. Last night I started to clean it up then decided rather than putting the photos and the mats away somewhere, I should finish matting the photos and hang them on walls. I glued 2 mats together for each photo and set them aside to dry. Today I will glue or tape the photos to the mats and hang them up. One day it would be wonderful to get frames for all of these, but not today. This month I've spent a lot on Boxing Week Sales, haha.

If I lived in NC, USA, I might dream about buying a second home through
Wilmington NC real estate, so I could just move out of the mess and slowly go back for what I need and want, putting it in it's new place in the new home as I went. But I don't live in the US, and I can't buy a second home to do this with, so clean this one up I must... just as soon as I earn some money blogging, lol.

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Travis said...

I recently finished a clean up project. We just grabbed a box and started going through it, and then went on to the next box.

It took 3 days, but eventually we had gone through about 20 boxes and disposed of about 6 bags full of trash or donations. The rest of the stuff was re-packed into plastic tubs, sorted by type of thing, to be further reviewed one at a time.

Took the big job and made it a bunch of smaller ones.