Thursday, January 10, 2008

Friday's Feast #24

Friday's Feast
A Buffet for the Brain

What is your middle name? Would you change any of your names if you could? If so, what would you like to be called?

My middle name is Gayle. At one time I would gladly have changed my first and second (middle) names, but at this point in time I am totally at peace with my names just as they are.

If you were a fashion designer, which fabrics, colors, and styles would you probably use the most?

I'm really not much into fashion or fabrics and such, so not feeling this is 'my' question to answer. I love blues, especially turquoise, also greens, teal, so those would likely play a large part in my designs... maybe cotton and other 'simple' fabrics like that. I'd want to design clothes that have 'windows' that would show off tattoos.

What is your least favorite chore, and why?

House work. I'm not big on any form of house work. Haha.

Main Course
What is something that really frightens you, and can you trace it back to an event in your life?

At this point in my life, there is really nothing that frightens me. I am at peace with all of life, thanks to my understanding of God, my understanding of myself.

Where are you sitting right now? Name 3 things you can see at this moment.

I am at my laptop computer, on a small table in the corner of my living room. There is lots to see, but okay, I will just name 3 of them:

1- my chinchillas (in cages right beside me); 2- house plants (I have lots of them, 20 of which are in the living room); 3- entertainment corner (27" console TV, sitting on top is VCR, DVD and VCR storage units).


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DOOR PRIZE: A gift that I think would make a wonderful gift for a man would be
gold cufflinks, whether given to him by a love partner or even a gift he gives to himself. I find the best gifts I get are usually the ones I buy for myself, haha.


Yen said...

I love your main course,Alice!My feast is up as well;-) Happy weekend!

Gabriel said...

Nice feast!

Mine's up as well, link is here.

Happy FF!

forgetfulone said...

I wish I were so at peace with my life - and I wish I had a laptop! You laptop queens are going to drive me to it. My sister's middle name is Gail, by the way.

Gattina said...

So you are a fearless woman ! I have to say I don't act so hysterical anymore when I see a spider then in the past, but still !
See you have - 7° ! that's cold, lol !

Amazing Gracie said...

Gayle is a name I've always liked...and we see eye-to-eye regarding housework. Yuk. I'd much rather work outside!

Eleisia said...

Interesting answers! I don't like housework but it has to be done. I don't like clutter and dust either!
Like your main course.
Happy feasting!
Come on over and visit me.

crazy working mom said...

Great feast. I loved your salad! :)

Have a great weekend.

Travis said...

Windows that show off tattoos? Now that's very interesting. I never would have thought of something like that.

Jennifer said...

Love your salad - I totally agree! Great feast! Hope you have a great weekend!

Jennifer :-)

The Gal Herself said...

Congratulations on your Main Course. I wish I was as confident and fearless! (And thanks for visiting my feast.)