Monday, December 03, 2007

Weather Report

These are the temperatures for December 2, according to the

MAX TEMP : -4.6°C

MIN TEMP : -12.5°C

MEAN TEMP : -8.6°C

PRECIP ACCUMULATION : 0 mm agrees with the max. & min. temps.

When I went to church this morning it was cloudy, and when I came out about 1pm, it was snowing. (We shouldn't have sung that Christmas song, 'Let It Snow', haha) While I walked with Reba in the dog park, the snow fall increased in intensity. All afternoon it continued to fall heavily, and is still falling at 1:40am.

According to these 2 web sites, the current temperature in our city, at 1am, is -4°C, and it is forecast to continue raising.

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