Sunday, December 30, 2007

Manic Monday - Key - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Manic Monday is the 'baby' of the awesome Mo (a.k.a. Not The Mama) at It's A Blog Eat Blog World. It's a wonderful and fun way to spend Mondays each week. This week, Mo has chosen key as the word of the week.

The Key To World Peace

Yesterday, I did a Treatment (a very specific form of prayer) for World Peace, then went straight into a meditation. What was revealed to me in that meditation was they Key to World Peace.

The key to peace is self love. When we love ourselves we can no longer hurt others. When we accept ourselves we accept others and lay down our hate, lay down our knives and our guns. Through acceptance comes love and through love comes peace. World peace starts with inner peace, with each person feeling the peace and love within themselves, then it radiates out to the entire world. So long as people feel bad about themselves, they will strike out at others in an attempt to convince themselves that “I’m okay and it’s you that’s not”. Once the person finds that self acceptance and self love it becomes “I’m okay and so are you”.

They key to peace is praying for others that are in a position of power, for others that are causing pain to anyone else. To pray for people who kill and for people who order others to kill and to go to war. Pray for them to find their Oneness with God, for them to find a way to Love Themselves. Once they love themselves they will no longer be able to kill or to order others to do the killing.

For self love for everyone, especially:

George Bush

Osama Bin Laden (my apologies if I spelled this name wrong)

Heads of gov. in Burma and in China, as well as any other country where there is war or unrest.

Yes, the Key to World Peace is Inner Peace, Self Love. So please join me in praying for everyone to love themselves. Join me in praying for George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, and for the heads of any country that is at war or anything other than peace. You have the key... use it.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. ~Buddha.

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crazy working mom said...

Very well said! :)

Here's to a happy and peaceful new year, Alice.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

Come on by and see if you can find the KEY to my blog! I have an advice question on my blog to! Enjoyed your blog!

Jamie said...

excellent use of the "key" word today. It really does all come back to the Golden Rule.

Travis said...

Peace is a worthy goal toward which to strive.

Happy MM and best wishes for a prosperous 2008!

tegdirb92 said...

have a really wonderful new year, Alice!